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Three People Chess

The Three People Chess is an online game inspired by the 3 Man Chess and the Three People Chess board gamse. This is a version of chess developed for three people.

Here I provide a platform for players who like this game to play it. I haven't yet implemented the rules, so this game only serves as a chess board. The players can move any piece in any direction and have to decide whether someone is in check by themselves.

The rules for the circular board game are at the original game's creators' site: 3 Man Chess Rules. The other board does not require much modification of the rules.

You may notice that the circular board looks slightly different than the original. This was my error in drawing. I will likely fix this soon.

The game uses a persistent connection between the client and a server which isn't supported by Internet Explorer. The game will work in Internet Explorer, but the players might experience lagging.

How to play Three People Chess online

The online game works like this: you start a session and you get a session key, which is a number. You give this key to two other players (via Facebook, Google, Skype etc.) and once all the players join, you can start playing. When a player has a key, they can join a chess session by pasting or entering the key into the field below, and clicking the "Enter Session" button. Until all three players join the game, the players who have entered the session must wait. When all players join, the chessboard will be displayed to all three players.

Once the game starts, you can move pieces like on a normal chess board. Clicking on a piece selects it. Clicking on another position moves the selected piece to that position. There is a set of spare pieces below the table (in case you want to undo a move or promote a piece).

As for the usage of chat: I could stop cursing and similar, but I think people should be allowed to express themselves. Just try to be nice and play the game. :)

If you have any questions or suggestions about the game, or find a bug in it, feel free to contact me either by e-mail (igor@igorsevo.com) or using the Questions page.

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