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Science, stories, art and music (outdated).

This is the old version of the site, which hasn't been maintained for many an eon. If you're here because you were looking for some of my old work, then cool, but beware, some really nasty stuff may lurk here. There's plenty of cool things I posted here while I was a student, but I basically abandoned the maintenance of the site from about 2012. So, this old site in no way represents my ongoing work and state of being. If you just want to browse around, then go for it. :)

If you don't want to go through the collective works of an undergraduate student, I suggest you go back to my main website.

Keep in mind that some links might not work here and the listed products have long been without technical support.

Stories in English and Serbian.


This is a place where I upload some of my stories. Some of the stories are in Serbian language. The list of stories is to be filled.

Stories in English

Stories in Serbian

Art page

I have updated my Art page. If you're interested in these types of stories, the art page might also be interesting for you.