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This is the old version of the site, which hasn't been maintained for many an eon. If you're here because you were looking for some of my old work, then cool, but beware, some really nasty stuff may lurk here. There's plenty of cool things I posted here while I was a student, but I basically abandoned the maintenance of the site from about 2012. So, this old site in no way represents my ongoing work and state of being. If you just want to browse around, then go for it. :)

If you don't want to go through the collective works of an undergraduate student, I suggest you go back to my main website.

Keep in mind that some links might not work here and the listed products have long been without technical support.

Science articles, publications, algorithms and source code.

Computer Science

This is a page for code examples, algorithms and computer science articles. This is a place where I post some of my libraries.

As stated on the homepage, I use C/C++, C#, Java and Pascal/Delphi programming languages, and I work with talented high school students, preparing them for programming competitions.

Computer Science Articles

Here is a list of my articles:


I have published work in mathematics, computer science, physics and other areas of sceince.

A link to my recent publication in mathematical probability is available here: Probability Graphs. In this particular paper, I talk about the application of graph algorithms in probability theory and their relation to Markov chains.

There is a paper named Self-Avoiding Hamiltonian Walks Counting in Parallel Processing Mode which I authored and which is published by Springer.

Commercial software

I design and develop web and desktop applications, phone applications (including Android) and design databases (SQL Server, MySQL) professionally.

If you need specific software for some use (regardless of the size: it can be anything from small mobile application to a large-scale website), you can contact me at software@igorsevo.com.

Besides standard applications, I develop algorithmic software and libraries, artificial intelligence systems and video games.

I can develop for most platforms, and have extensive knowledge of .NET, C#, C++, SQL, Java, algorithms, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP and Android. For game development, I use XNA and Unity3D Game Studio, with understanding of graphics pipeline, OpenGL and CUDA.


Resources of various types can be found on this site. These include competition tasks and solutions, tables and figures for various purposes etc.

I post source code and libraries on this site.

These and other resources can be found in the Resources section.

Resources for students

Students can find tasks and solutions on this site. As I also give lectures to programming competitors, some tasks and solutions are provided here. However, some of these tasks are in Serbian language.

Resources for students can be found at the Resources section. Instruction for accessing the locked resources are on the same page.

Featured article

I have written an article about A million particles in CUDA and OpenGL.

Google Code Prettify

I use Google Prettify to format the source code in my articles. If the code is displaying in one line, you can try opening the page in a different browser.