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This is the old version of the site, which hasn't been maintained for many an eon. If you're here because you were looking for some of my old work, then cool, but beware, some really nasty stuff may lurk here. There's plenty of cool things I posted here while I was a student, but I basically abandoned the maintenance of the site from about 2012. So, this old site in no way represents my ongoing work and state of being. If you just want to browse around, then go for it. :)

If you don't want to go through the collective works of an undergraduate student, I suggest you go back to my main website.

Keep in mind that some links might not work here and the listed products have long been without technical support.

Resources / Products


Here is where my software and other products are. Click on any of them to see more details.


Scribodroid is a program for writers, translators and regular users of writing software such as Microsoft Office Word. This program is meant to simplify dictionary and thesaurus research for writers. It features a unique user interface that allows users to quickly and efficiently find relevant data.

Scribodroid 3.0

Scribodroid 3.0 is a new version of the Scribodroid software for writers. It allows writers, translators and any word software user to quickly and elegantly search through words, their meanings, relations and definitions. Scribodroid features a unique user interface that simplifies word research. Words appear in circles utilizing the whole screen space. These circles are connected in a meaningful way depending on the action selected. This way the user can traverse through all the relations between the words they select.

Simple Backup Software

Simple Backup Software, as it name suggests, is a simple and elegant backup solution for Windows. No bulky interfaces, no complicated procedures - simple and elegant.

CodeCanyon Items

Pattern Maker

Pattern Maker is a simple and intuitive application for creating symmetric logos and patterns. It allows users to create logos using a customizable kaleidoscope tool that produces a spline exportable to a SVG format. The tool also allows creating patterns from the designed logo. The pattern can be customized with spacing, offsets and more.

Zip File Decrypter

Zip File Decrypter tries to find the password for a ZIP archive by searching through list of all possible passwords until it finds a match. It allows a dictionary based attack.

Set Brightness

A simple application to control the brightness and gamma of your screen. You can easily adjust gamma values and brightness of your screen by moving two sliders.

Advanced Text Analyzer

Advanced text analyzer allows you to analyze pasted text or text from a Microsoft Office Word document (if Word is installed on the computer). The analysis finds the most common words, longest words, words with most vowels, unique words and their number of occurrences and much more.

Stop From Sleep

Stop From Sleep is a simple and intuitive application that allows the user to prevent the Windows system from going to sleep.

Web Crawler for Files and Links

Web Crawler can be used to get links, emails, images and files from a webpage or site. The crawler is multithreaded and optimized for performance. It scans the webpage based on MIME types and file extensions, so it can find hidden links.

Simple PayPal Checkout Library

A simple PayPal library for .NET. Simple implementation of the Express Checkout. A simple library for non-technical users. The library allows creating custom checkout. It incorporates three main methods: for setting up the payment, for getting the shipping details from PayPal and for confirming the payment.

Text Parsing Library for HTML and Plain Text

This text parsing library can be easily integrated into any ASP.NET web application. This is a class library (DLL). It provides the functionality of: Parsing links from submitted plain text (generating appropriate HTML a tags from plain text); Stripping tags from HTML to get plain text; Translating Cyrillic script to Latin and vice versa (both for plain text and HTML); Parsing MSO tags and managing pasting from Microsoft Office Word to HTML; Converting HTML from Microsoft Office Word format to normal, easily editable, HTML format.

AudioJungle Profile

If you're an audio engineer or working with audio and music, you might want to check out my AudioJungle Profile. You can also contact me about music products at music@igorsevo.com.

Google Play

A few of my applications are available on Google Play.