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Simple Backup Software


Simple Backup Software, as its name suggests, is a simple and elegant backup solution. It is meant for Windows operating system.

This is a simple and intuitive program for keeping automatic and manual backups of files and folders.

Simple Backup Software screenshot

It features a simple user interface that allows setting up automatic backups, folder monitoring and executing manual backups.

The application is available in two versions: standalone (does not require install) and installable.

Download trial or buy

Simple Backup Software comes with a 20 day trial license. After that license expires, a user must buy the application in order to continue using it.

To download the trial application, click on the Simple Backup Software download link.

If you wish to download a standalone version of the application go to Simple Backup Software Standalone. You can use this version from any folder or even from a USB stick (however, only on a single computer per license.

To buy the full license, go to the Simple Backup Software buy page.


Simple Backup Software runs on Windows operating system. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. Please make sure you have .NET Framework 4 with the latest updates installed.

Standalone version of Simple Backup Software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 which is only available on Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

All Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 are supported.

Simple Backup Software support

If any problems occur during usage of Simple Backup Software, e-mail support is offered on the software@igorsevo.com address.


Simple Backup Software has a very intuitive user interface. There are four tabs: automatic backup, manual backup, special, and restore.

Automatic backups are those backups executed by the program without user intervention. This backup is executed in regular intervals set up by the user.

Manual backups are executed at any time by the user.

Simple Backup Software screenshot

From the special tab, the user can make backups of Favorites and Fonts folders, as well as setup the backup options for the application.

The restore tab offers a panel onto which a user simply drops a file or a folder from the backup to restore a particular version of the file. Versions of the file are ordered by date.