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This is the old version of the site, which hasn't been maintained for many an eon. If you're here because you were looking for some of my old work, then cool, but beware, some really nasty stuff may lurk here. There's plenty of cool things I posted here while I was a student, but I basically abandoned the maintenance of the site from about 2012. So, this old site in no way represents my ongoing work and state of being. If you just want to browse around, then go for it. :)

If you don't want to go through the collective works of an undergraduate student, I suggest you go back to my main website.

Keep in mind that some links might not work here and the listed products have long been without technical support.

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Scribodroid 2.0

About Scribodroid

Scribodroid is a program for writers, translators and regular users of writing software such as Microsoft Office Word. This program is meant to simplify dictionary and thesaurus research for writers. It features a unique user interface that allows users to quickly and efficiently find relevant data.

Scribodroid enables users to search for synonyms, rhymes, collocations, definitions and much more by a simple few clicks.

A video presentation of Scribodroid:

It isn't uncommon for writers and word enthusiasts to get carried away by searching the Internet for a suitable translation or a synonym for a word. Scribodroid searches the Internet for you. Looks up several different dictionaries very quickly. This way, the author can focus on his work, rather than having to lose time by searching the Internet.

Searching the Internet is not the only thing Scribodroid does. Scribodroid memorizes the words you searched for and can show you the information about that word (definitions, synonyms, collocations, rhymes etc.) later, even if you're not connected to the Internet.

Scribodroid screenshot

Scribodroid is adaptive. It can let you work with any word processing or writing software. It can even work if you are on Internet, talking with your friends on Skype, Facebook or Google+. If Scribodroid is running, you can tell it to search for you.

Scribodroid 2.0

Scribodroid 2.0 is an improved version of Scribodroid. This version targes more systems and has greater compatibility. Its user interface is tweaked and installation process is now much simpler.

Users of Scribodroid 1.x can upgrade to 2.0 without having to pay anything. All previous licenses will work with the new version of Scribodroid.

Download trial or buy

Scribodroid comes with a 20 day trial license. After that license expires, a user must buy the application in order to continue using it.

To download the trial application, click on the Scribodroid download link. This is the recommended version.

If you wish to download a trial version with bundled prerequisites, go to Scribodroid with .NET Framework download link. You will need to run this file with administrator privileges.

To buy the full license, go to the Scribodroid buy page.


Scribodroid runs on Windows operating system. It requires .NET Framework 4.0 which is bundled with the installation and will be installed automatically if necessary.

All Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 are supported.

Scribodroid support

If any problems occur during usage of Scribodroid, e-mail support is offered on the software@igorsevo.com address.