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This is the old version of the site, which hasn't been maintained for many an eon. If you're here because you were looking for some of my old work, then cool, but beware, some really nasty stuff may lurk here. There's plenty of cool things I posted here while I was a student, but I basically abandoned the maintenance of the site from about 2012. So, this old site in no way represents my ongoing work and state of being. If you just want to browse around, then go for it. :)

If you don't want to go through the collective works of an undergraduate student, I suggest you go back to my main website.

Keep in mind that some links might not work here and the listed products have long been without technical support.

Pencil drawings and other art.

Drawings and art

This is a collection of some of my pencil drawings and art.

I mostly draw using pencils or charcoal. This way I can achieve more detail easily. This is my second hobby, and I only do it when I find time. Most of these drawings were done during lectures I found less interesting. :)

The style of the drawings might be considered by some to be a bit dark, but there are a couple of nice and bright drawings here. I frequently use a rose as a symbol in my drawings. Omitting the thorns from the rose I try to symbolize purity of love (and not love only in human-to-human way, but in a more complex way as human-to-nature). There is a force that binds everything, and I try to portray this in some of my drawings. Other concepts that I used in some of my drawings are time, bonds and society.

There is a bit of philosophy in most of my art. In my stories I also address some of the same philosophical questions.

These images are copyrighted. However, if you wish to use them, you can contact me at igor@igorsevo.com.

Design and drawing

Semi-professionally, I do logo and business card design. I use both vector and raster graphics.

If you wish to have a logo, card or website designed, or you want a digital painting, you can contact me at art@igorsevo.com. I receive payments via PayPal.


As another hobby, I took up photography. Some of my photographs are available online for free, while others I sell through various online marketplaces. Dreamstime is a great place to sell stock photos. I have a few photos there and on a few other marketplaces.


These are my drawings categorized in albums:

Pencil | Table drawings



New story

A new story, The curious case of conspicuous court, is available on the site.